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Universal Industrial Supply, Technical Services Company (UNITESCO) is being managed by aggressive and strong individuals whose vision and dedication are the driving forces in making the company one of the leaders in the water treatment filtration chemicals and equipment industry.

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With our industry knowledge and experience, we provide a solution that keeps your cost at one of the lowest in town.

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UNITESCO maintains the superior quality of its products and services by producing and adhering all supreme components to strict quality standards

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We are the industry heads and produce the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.

Reverse Osmosis Pressure Vessels

Often referred to as the pressure tube and it can contain up to six RO membrane elements. In hollow fiber systems, the pressure vessel is often referred to as the “permeator.”

Sediment Filters

Sediment filters remove dirt, sand, silt, debris, rust flakes, and all other suspended solid particles the filters’ micron-rated capacity can capture.

Activated Carbon Element

Often used to filter contaminants out of drinking water. After water testing, filtration can be manipulated to remove specific contaminants.

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Equipment Industry

Our main goal is to keep your equipment in optimal working order to maximize its production output and increase its useful life.

HVAC Industry

HVAC Industry

HVAC system requires a periodic inspection of either commercial or residential heating, ventilatìon, and air conditioning system.

Water Treatment Industry

Water from any source might contain variously suspended, colloidal, and dissolved impurities that may be harmful to drinking.

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